Kador Bay on the right side of the Blue Lagoon (also called Mangrove Bay). This spot is fantastic for our second dive and lets us glide along the rocks which are sloping down to about 16m. The general dive plan here is to dive down to the end of the plato were we can find big green moray eels and stone fish hiding in the small overhang at 18m. With more experienced diver we drift down along the 22m line where we can encounter barracudas and turtles quite frequently. After about 20min we’ll have to start going back to the swallow reefs to finish off our dive around coral covered rock boulders. Many times we get surprised by the size of the coral lobster which we see here or by the occasional napoleon wrasse swimming by.
Kador Bay can also be an amazing drift dive, if the current is right. Then we literally fly out of the bay and around the corner of Coral Island – an amazing experience.

Level: Advanced Open Water Diver & above Depth: 14 - 24 meters Current: Mild Expect To See: Barracudas, turtles