KM SIPADAN is a former Royal Navy warship that was put in service in 1964 under the name KD Sri Sarawak. It was renamed later to KM Spidadan and was decommissioned from Navy services in 2005. The Marine Maritime Enforcement Agency decided to make it an artificial reef and sunk it at the Sawadee dive site on 29th March 2012.
The Sipadan is some 31meters long and 4.5meters wide and has been stripped of all weapons and it's engine before it was sunk. It makes a perfect wreck diving site, especially if your are Nitrox certified since it allows for longer bottom times. Divers with Wreck Specialty and/or technical divers can even penetrate the ship!.

Not far from the KM Sipadan Wreck, there are two former Thai fishing boats lie in a maximum depth of 30 meters, with a minimum depth of about 16 meters. They lie literally next to each other and are connected by a line. The coral growth on the wrecks is not exceptionally good, but its fish life can be very attractive. Depending on the season the wrecks are a nursing place for several different species of juvenile fish like yellowtail barracudas and fusiliers. Next to other reef fish and nudibranchs you might be lucky and spot a stonefish, a Lionfish, a crocodile fish or even a small frogfish.

Level: Advanced Open Water Diver & above (recommended Nitrox & Deep certified diver) Depth: 25 - 32 meters Current:Weak Expect To See: An enormous diversity of nudibranchs, lionfish, frogfish, stonefish